Wednesday, February 22, 2012

90 to Nothing...!  I mean never ceases to amaze me how much one can stuff into 24 hours.  This last week has been pretty full.  Monday, we had to come to school, but the kids got the day off.  The girls had a basketball playoff game that night, and now, they have progressed to the regional tournaments in Waco!!!  I am SO EXCITED to get a chance to take my girls to Waco.  I have so much planned for us, I hope we get to do most of it. 

THEN, the boys basketball team played a game last night, AND THEY WON!!!  So now we have two basketball teams in the playoffs, and BOTH of them are playing their next game on Friday night...anyone know how to split oneself in half?  I could sure use that right now.

Meanwhile, on the Pink front, things are just as busy as usual.  The Junior League of North Harris, South Montgomery Counties voted PDG in as a community program for the next FIVE YEARS!!!!  This is HUGE for us!  I mean really big!  God is so faithful, and good.  Basically, this means that beginning with our next fall conference, we will receive volunteers and some funding to offset the costs...for the next 5 years.

We have a fundraiser on March 18th, and I'm pretty excited about it.  It's called Vino Artino, and you paint a custom picture while an artist teaches you.  I have never done this before, so I am excited to get a chance to do this, and help out my organization. 

BUT, the most exciting thing this week was attending Great Day Houston, and getting a chance to talk to the host, Debra Duncan.  She invited us on the show in the summer, and said she would host a session this April if the date doesn't conflict....HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!  I have pictures that I will post.  They are on my camera, so I will do it!  Promise!  We looked so cute in our Pink Army tees, and EVERYONE kept asking us about PDG, so that was great to get our mission out there! 

Random, but this morning I awoke at 5 a.m.  Now, I'm going to be honest here and tell you that I knew I should have gotten up and had quiet time, but I just lay in the bed to get a game plan for today together.  It is not very often that I get time to just sit and think quietly, so I hope next time I'll actually get up and crack open my Bible.  Today begins the first day of Lent, and I am giving up fried foods and making sure that for the next 40 days my words are edifying.  I also want to spend more time with the Lord. 

This area is always lacking...I never feel as though I do a good job at deliberately opening my Bible.  I talk to Jesus all day, but I need to get in the word more.  I want to do a better job at this.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, I do manage to spend time with a certain 6'2'' fella...he definitely makes long days's so good to be in love!!! Did I just write that?!  Who am I?!

I hope I haven't bored you to death with all of these details, but it feels good getting them out!  How was your weekend?

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Request

You have NO IDEA how happy I am that today is Friday.  This week has been so long.  In case you didn't know, I'm a teacher, and while I love my students, I am secretly counting down the very weeks until summer break...can I get an AMEN?!

I also moonlight (literally because most of the work is done when the moon is, as the Founder and Executive Director of my non profit organization, Pink Defying Gravity, Inc.  Pink was born out of a need I saw in the classroom and while walking the hallways.  In a nutshell, we wish to help each girl that encounters our organization realize their uniqueness, and help them discover their potential.  You can click on the link above to learn more about our organization.

It would be a vast understatement to say that I LOVE pink.  I love our mission, I love when I plan PDG events, I love the people that love PDG, I love it!  So it is SO HARD to not focus on it 100% of the time while I work my 'day job.'  My prayer has been that God would open doors financially for us so that we can transition some of our present board members into full-time paid postitions.  Grants are currently being written, we are amping up our community presence and relevance, and we are waiting. 

This has to be the hardest part of the process, because in essence, it's as though I am working two full time jobs.  Of course it is worth it, but my heart is ready to commit to PDG the waiting game is growing me..

I really have no idea who reads this blog...I imagine a lot of you are like read silently, and never leave a comment...which is totally fine.  But, if you are reading this, I'd like for you to pray for our fundraising efforts.  I solicit your prayers, and while I'd love to give you a list..(and I just may in a couple of days), I'd rather you go before Him knowing that He knows every need that we have, and which ones He'd like to fulfill first...this journey is less about what I want, and far more importantly what He wants us to accomplish from this. 

Thank you in advance for going to God on PDG's behalf.  I do not take it lightly...not one bit!  I look forward to the move that will take place as a result of God's people going to Him...this brings a huge smile to my face! 

Enjoy your Friday people...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

I had such a great time yesterday for Valentine's Day.  It started off of course at work with my kiddos.  They were full of hugs and love, candy bags, cookies, SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR!!!!  I don't know if my sugar levels will return to normal this week, but I am definitely in detox. 

Then came the surprise that I really didn't expect...well, I guess that's why they call it a 'surprise.'  I had been called to the office to complete some paperwork, and while I was on my way back to the classroom, one of my students saw me in the hall and said, "Ms. D, you missed it..."  I was clearly confused as to what I missed, and she wouldn't tell me.  Meanwhile, my phone started ringing, and I saw that it was Levi.  I answered, and he asked me what I was doing. 

I always laugh at that question because he calls me at you know, I'm!  I told him I was walking back to my classroom.  Then he said...oh you're talking in the hallway on your phone, and I replied, yes, so I need to get off now.  Then, I didn't catch this from the beginning, but he mentioned my principal being in the hallway, (and she was), but I was so focused on getting back to finish that power point presentation, that I didn't catch it. 

Well, when I returned to my room, I had flowers, a balloon, and a stuffed animal on my desk, and MY KIDS WERE GOING CRAZY!!!  They were talking all at once, I couldn't make out what they were saying.  Finally, they calmed down enough to tell me that L had come to my classroom to surprise me with my gift...SWOON!!!

I was so embarrassed because my kids were telling me that I was smiling and blushing, but I was so shocked and SAD that I missed him.  I really don't know what I would have done if I were in the room when he came in, but that was really the best surprise of the day.  Trust me, it wasn't the fact that he bought me anything...I'm not really materialistic, but when we discussed exchanging gifts, I just wanted it to mean something, and to be thoughtful...and he FAR exceeded my expectations. 

Plus, my students were so tickled that they got to witness that...I may never live this!

I managed to finish the rest of the day but it was so hard....I just wanted to head home to get started with our date night!  The cheerleaders and I had a little V-Day party, and that was filled with more hugs, and SUGAR!  I definitely have enough candy to last me a while. 

After work, I came home to get ready for my date.  It was my turn to take L out because Saturday was his V-Day celebration to me (not to mention his surprise visit).  We went to dinner and was so much fun, and very funny...I think I laughed more people watching... I love to people watch!

We started off at The Cheesecake Factory, but I LOVE PF Changs, and he didn't mind going there since the wait was a tad shorter.  Well, I was at the CF, and he went to check out the wait, so when he came back, he said we can get seated right away.  I was a little apprehensive because EVERYWHERE was packed, but I trusted him and off we went. 

Little did I know, but he had worked it out with the hostess for us to get seated right away...I was so thankful because I hadn't eaten since lunch, and I was starving!  Wasn't that sweet?!

It was a wonderful day, and I can honestly say that it was better than I could have imagined!  I'm thankful for this season in my life, and just taking it day-by-day...and trying not to flee the state...but that's another post for another day...

I hope all of you had a lovely V-Day full of LOVE and lots of SUGAR!!! 


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's the little Things...

If I told you that I've thought about writing a million times, would you believe me?!  I partly blame the permanent residence of one iPad 2 making it into my home.  It makes it WAY too easy to not get on my laptop.  In fact, I can count on one hand how many times I've been on my laptop since August.  It's not that I can't post from my iPad, I just like to hash it all out on a conventional keyboard.

I haven't written in over 6 months.  SO MUCH has happened since then.  I hope you're my friend of Facebook, because memories are captured there.  
So let's can I catch you up?  

September 2011
Pink Defying Gravity, my non profit organization hosted it's second leadership conference for girls.  It was AMAZING!!!  I wish I could put into words what it's like to have a vision from the Lord come to fruition... I can go back as far as I could dream in my journals and see written in the pages that I wanted to work with young women and help them realize their potential...that I knew God called me to a higher standard, and that I knew that He had a special plan for my life if I was just willing to submit and trust His timing.

October 2011

November 2011
MORE football, AND we advanced to the playoffs...  I also turned 31...which I.cannot.believe.  I still feel 20..seriously!  I also spent my last Thanksgiving with my grandfather.  

December 2011
The football games continued...BUT, it all paid off in the end because we won STATE!!!  Our team played against Cibolo Steele, at the brand new Cowboy Stadium!  It was such an awesome experience for me and the girls!  They were so excited to be there!
Also spent an amazing Christmas with my family in Mississippi.  Lots of laughs, gained pounds, gifts, and sweet family time!

January 2012
My grandfather passed away...that's how my family brought in the new year.  He was the most AWESOME man that I know.  I can say with much conviction and belief that He is rejoicing with Jesus.  I have no doubt.  

My BFF in the WORLD got married.  She was a BEAUTIFUL bride.  Her ceremony and reception was gorgeous too.  Everything about that day was her.  I remember waking up in the hotel room with her and the other girls, and we were all so excited.  We then went to breakfast in the hotel, and enjoyed a delicious buffet.  It was a perfect day!  Levi and I also caught the garter and bouquet respectively. first I swatted the bouquet away, but we won't mention that...let's just say terror struck, and I got a little nervous...LOL!

I also started the Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course.  I was so nervous going into this.  I've always taken the laid back approach to saving and paying down debt, but this course makes you look at every penny.  I LOVE IT!  More importantly, it teaches me how to handle money.  So many people buy things on credit, going further into debt, and that is no way to live.  While I am not debt free (car and student loans), I gave up credit cards a while ago.  If I can't purchase it outright, I don't need it.  That's what Dave teaches, but to the infinity power.  

February 2012
Well, here we are...and let's see...what am I up to?  First of all, there is a budding relationship that I am excited about.  All I will say about this is NEVER say that it will take God to get you to do something...because with the sense of humor He has, He just may take you up on it.  This relationship has shown me God's grace, forgiveness, and just that sharing your life with someone just may be the hardest thing in life, yet the most sweetest.  

AND, if you know me at all, you know how stubborn, driven, and independent I am...which has taken some adjustments when you' a man who wants to...LEAD...eek!  Lord help me...AND him!!  We've fasted together, which totally rocks my have a man FAST with me so that we can hear God, and shut out the still my giddy!

My most favorite thing that happened today is a dear, dear friend read a little snippet of a prayer she wrote to God a couple of months touched my heart to have friends who go to the Father on my behalf...Jesus and His followers rock my world!  I ask myself daily how I got so blessed.  I do not deserve this life, but I will live it with passion and purpose!

Tonight...I started preparing the food for my board meeting tomorrow.  I made the cupcakes tonight...I'll ice them tomorrow, and I am also making homemade pizza rolls and Caesar salad.  I can't wait.  I got the recipe for the pizza rolls off of Pinterest...which by the way...I LOVE...but it's such a time zapper!  

I'll be sure to post pictures and yes, before summer...HA!  I've missed you guys...I've missed how soothing writing is!  
Have a happy Thursday!