Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blog Much?...

It's been a while since I have actually posted a blog post.  With Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it almost feels cumbersome to whip out a blog post.  However, I must admit that there is something missing amongst the hashtags, flippant statuses, and quirky remarks social media can bring about.

Sometimes, you just need to blog it out.  I won't attempt to 'catch you up,' so to speak.  That would take a lifetime.  I feel as though so much has happened.  I left the classroom, followed my dream, learned more about myself in a year and a half that I thought humanly possible, fallen in love, experienced true heartache, I've been humbled, pruned, I've become an Aunt, landed a job opportunity that is proving to rock my world (seriously), gone back into the educational world (for a season), and as I type this today, I am writing from a place of true gratefulness.  My heart is so full.  I have such rich relationships with friends, and my family is blessed.  I am blessed.

More importantly, I've learned that God is still God.  He is so good, and no matter what kind of temper tantrum I throw, He's not rushing. 

I was talking to my best friend a couple of days ago, and we were talking about how people always say you get better with time.  You look better, feel better, (I've certainly become more health conscious), and you just settle into who YOU are.  I'm not trying to please anyone but God.  I live for an audience of ONE.

I'm entering a season of second-time things.  I don't know if this makes sense, but things that I used to love, that I may have put down for a while are catching my attention again.  Not to mention, I can't get enough of the Word.  Seriously, have you read the page book of Philemon?  I hadn't given it a second thought, but it will bless it!

I hope that I make time to blog more.  It really is therapeutic.  I'm welcoming myself back.  Until next time....