Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This is MY MoMeNt....

I love the movie Annie.  I grew up watching the old version at least once a night.  I was obsessed.  I know every line....every song....every gesture....that is my MOVIE!

So....imagine my pure joy when it was announced that the movie Annie would be remade into a more modern version.  I had no shame singing my heart out with the other kids movie goers.  It was amazing!!!!  But, that's not really why I'm telling you this.

Tonight, whilst (I just love saying that) I was working on some stuff for PDG, I heard a small voice say that 'this IS my moment.'  All of the things on my to do list, the "I'll feel better whens...," the "when this happens, I'll be able to do this or that..."  NONE of that equates to the moment I am in right now!  Isn't it neat how you can have something dropped in your spirit right in the middle of the most mundane tasks?!?

Sure, my moments will come and go.  They will change and evolve, but nothing compares to the time I have been entrusted with right now!

I am notorious for looking towards the next moment.  My organization skills are maddening....everything must be written down.  I live and breathe by the lists that I make.  I do not like surprises, and while I'm not unbending, I try to have as much planned as I can...because I WILL forget.  The downside is that I am always looking towards the next thing.  The next moment....and sometimes, I forget to enjoy and experience the moment that I am in right now!

So.....when I heard that small voice tonight, I was reminded of the scripture that says do not worry about tomorrow, for it will take care of itself....then....I burst into song!  Yep, I sure did!  Because that's how I roll!

And if you too would like to have a singalong, click on the video below!  I promise you it won't disappoint!  This, friends is our's the opportunity we've been given right now to do something with...