Friday, February 28, 2014

Blog Review for Little old ME!

Please take a look at Jenna's product review of the skinny wrap!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I have not posted in a while, and I've been up to some pretty awesome things.  I HATE how long it takes to upload pics from my phone to my computer for blog posts, so I got the awesome idea to load them on my blogger app, then add text later....Aren't I so cool?!?  So, sorry if my pics are out of wack, but at least they're here!

A couple of weekends ago, I went home, and it just so happened that my Dad had my Granny with him.  Well, we always go out to dinner when I'm home, and we took Granny to Seoul Garden, a Korean cuisine restaurant....she was a good sport, but I doubt she'll ask for it

Earlier that day, I was in Waco, and went to lunch at my FAVORITE place of all time....Amelia's. which is now Sironia Cafe'.  Sooooo good, and I could drink the poppyseed dressing....sooo good!

A couple of weekends before that, my company had our annual conference, Freedom Conference!  Here I am with my team member Crystal, and our Ambassador Diamond leader Ashley Sinclair.  #8 money earner in our company.

Here we are with our Double Diamond leader, and my friend who introduced me to the biz, Beth, along with my team members Cyrstal and Vanessa!

Because I've been jet setting (ha...not really), I hadn't seen Chunks in a while, so we met Sunday!  I missed him so!  He missed me!

My sweet baby boy!!!  Love him so!  He is such a joy!!!

Well!  That's my past couple of weeks!  Life is crazy, fun, and has days where I'm asking God a million questions, but as long as I keep my eyes on Him, it's all GOOD!  Later gators!  <><