Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Houston and House Update!


If you've been around me this summer, you will have heard my friends refer to me as a "Lady of Leisure." I chuckle everytime I hear this because I think it's hilarious...trust me...I've earned these weeks off.

I've been back and forth between Houston and Copperas Cove the last couple of days, I must admit that I am ready to be in one place...for a LOOOOOOONNNNNG time...smile!

My house won't be ready to move in until the end of August, and I should close in September. Not exactly the BEST scenario, but God is in control, and He totally provided with an AWESOME apartment for a short term lease.

I start work on the 13th of August, and it's a bittersweet feeling. I'm glad to have a job to start, but it sure has been nice hanging out with the family, and connecting with friends!

I also ordered my first toll tag yesterday! I felt so citified...lol! I'm soon to be a city girl...living in the burbs! Gotta love it!

Keep those prayers coming, and please, let me know what I can stand in agreement with you on. It's an honor to go to God on your behalf! Love you guys! ~J