Friday, September 10, 2010

Calgon take me Away/ Friday Night Lights

It's Friday, and this girls needs a weekend getaway! I'm beat! I hope this doesn't come across as me complaining because I don't want to seem ungrateful, but when my alarm clock went off this morning....I seriously contemplated calling in...but 1) I'm not sick, and 2) it's GAME DAY!!!!

I think the most daunting part of all of this is that it's hard for me to see the end....just game after game after practice after assignment after meeting after work to grade after to-do list....I'm getting overwhelmed just typing it!

Anyway, I promised to blog more this month, and I want to at least attempt to keep that promise. I've also noticed that I've picked up a few new followers...which absolutely blows my mind since you know, I post daily, and have such awesome things to say! HA!

I think I'll allow myself to imagine if I could get away, where I would go...maybe to Lake Travis, or Dallas to my grandparents' farm, or heck....just being able to be in my own bed for longer than 6 hours! I try to remind myself that one day, I'll wish these days were here again, so I'm trying to stay in the moment....sometimes, a lot easier said than done!

Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!