Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Rainbow for your Trouble...

I'm posting late but I had a busy day today!

Let me say this...I knew when I started this that a whole lot of 'stuff' would transpire as a result. You know who doesn't like when you start praying...

With that being said today was a's funny how situations and people that need an ear or an encouraging word come near you when you're sensitive to it. My day was filled with tears from heart aches for them because so many really have no clue...

My scripture for today was Psalm 138:8 and it'll probably be mine for tomorrow as well...I could write an entire post on that scripture it!

This is a short post but I survived...this will not be easy...but I'm sure worth it!

I'll leave you with's a pic of a rainbow I saw while driving Monday. My Dad says rainbows are a sign of God's promises. I'll take it!

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