Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend Recap!

This weekend was super fun, but it went by super fast!  I got a lot of rest, the clocks went back an hour (a personal early birthday present to me from the world), and I got to see some friends that I don't get to see very often!

I mentioned in my last post that I was meeting some girls from my college bible study for dinner at our leader's house.  We had a blast.  We laughed until we cried, and kind of went around the table and got caught up on one another.  Did I mention the laughs?  Lori is hilarious...and the best part is she's just normally that way.  She just tells her stories with a passion and hand gestures that make it hilarious.  LOVE HER!!

We had salad and homemade chicken pot pie for dinner, and cookies and chocolate covered pretzels for dessert.  So so so fun!

I love how we are all just sitting around engulfed in what Lori is saying in the top pic...and don't think she was tired in that shot....she was acting out some part of her, because that's how she rolls!

So today, I enjoyed sleeping in...the extra hour was just icing on the cake, and I got a chance to wake up leisurely, walk Coco, and just clean a bit.

Church was amazing, and this series is over Joy, and comes from the book of Philippians.  The funny thing is I was JUST telling the girls last night about some things God has been showing me about Joy, in regards to some people that I've met along the way.  It is so important that the 'joy of the Lord be your strength.'  Happiness and joy should not be based on your circumstances.  If that's the case, you will suffer from a horrible roller coaster of emotions.

I could really park my car here because I have so much to say on joy, but I'll keep it moving!

Tonight, for dinner, I made something new!  I've been wanting to experiment with brussel sprouts.  And, the other day when I was at HEB grabbing a couple of things, it was bacon week in the sampling stations.  Yes folks, I said BACON WEEK!  I'm not a big sampler, but I found myself walking from station to station, each one outdoing the one before.  Until, I came to the bacon jam station.  Be still my heart.

Yes, y'all, bacon jam!!!  Now, this isn't jam like you put on toast.  It's more savory with a hint of sweet. I have tried it on shrimp, but tonight, I roasted the brussel sprouts and then poured about two tablespoons over them once they were completely cooked and roasted.  SO GOOD!!!

I used this recipe from Pinterest for the brussel sprouts, BUT, instead of using 5 cloves of garlic, I used about 1 teaspoon of finely minced garlic.

Here's what the Bacon Jam looks like:

So, all in all, this weekend was the bomb(dot)com!!!  And now it's over....tomorrow, another day, another dolla dolla bill y'all!!!  BUT!  It is my Birthday Week, so where the party at!!!  LOL...OK, I need to go to silliness is starting to show!!!

Have a great Monday!