Monday, December 2, 2013

Velveeta and Coconut Candies...

My Thanksgiving was great!  I got a ton of rest, and spent it with family at the farm, so no complaints from me!  

However, when I came back home, I really was not in a good mood.  Coco was at a slumber party....yes, you read that correctly, so I was 'in my feelings,' as they say.  I went to church, and the Word was right on time, but sometimes, you can still allow negativity to force its way in...even though you know better.....and last night...I threw a fit.  I mean, I let God know how I really felt, and when it was over can you believe I felt better.  Now, I'm not crazy, and I don't go around disrepecting God, but I just let it all hang out.  I told Him how I truly felt...just busted and disgusted...I think maybe I can be this real with God all of the time (as if He doesn't already know.), I was talking to a lady while working, and she was just sharing different things with me.  She had no idea how God was using her in that moment.  She had NO idea that her sharing about little things (Velveeta and Coconut Candies), that God has done to show her He cares was ministering to this little old heart of mine!  As she was talking, I had to contain myself because I just KNEW that in that moment, this was MY little thing from God to show me that He cares...and that it is all going to work out!

He loves us, OH how He loves us...Oh how He you know that song???

Needless to say, I've got a new attitude...ha!

Have a great day!  Two more Mondays until Christmas!!!!!!!  The MOST wonderful time of the year!!!