Saturday, April 4, 2015

FiFtEeN Things in 2015!!

I have thought about writing so many times.....even opened the app, and attempted to start a new post....

But the thing is.....I have so much to say, yet nothing flows!  So.....what's a girl to do??

I am really good at making, that's what I'll do.....I'll make a bucket list for 2015!  And I hope, one day can stop here with your cup of coffee....kick up your feet, and stay a while...but in the meantime...

15 Things I Want to do in 2015: (in no particular order)

1.  Make it through an entire Pandora rotation without skipping songs.

2.  Cook 10 different recipes from Pinterest....seriously, I have some awesome stuff pinned!

3.  Go on a trip by myself...and not pick up my phone!!!!

4.  Get over all of my 'its'....

5.  Find that waistline from 12th grade....(OK...maybe not that exact one....but come pretty close)

6.  Lie in a truck bed on a summer night, and chat it up with him (I will always be a hopeless romantic)

7.  Promote to Triple Diamond!

8.  Pay off the last of my consumer debt with the exception of my dang student loans!

9.  Be more present. Slow down. Live in the moment. Take it all in. Listen more!

10.  Go to Taste of Texas have I lived in Houston all this time, and haven't gone yet?!

11.  Get my gun license...

12.  Really try to see everyone the way God sees them....not just the ones I like, and not just the ones that don't get on my nerves...Love folks....afterall, it is what the world needs now...#cheeseball

13.  Be heart, open arms, just let Jesus do His thing in my life, and chill the heck out!

14.  Blog more!  And be real on the blog, (not that I'm ever fake), I just let the fact that folks are up to no good stop me from doing it more often and freely...but I can't control that now can I.....and folks out there need to hear what I have to say (or do they....over analyzing....this is ALL the time....and could probably be a blog post).

15.   Be a better Jarvis! And wear shorts! (I hate my thighs <<< add finding those HS thighs to #5 too!!)

I have loved this little activity....I'm going to print this list, and report back hopefully, having accomplished most or all of them!

Peace...all over the world.....seriously!  <><  ~J