Friday, February 8, 2008


TGIF!!! I am SO glad it's Friday! The kids are acting so weird right now. It's like they have forgotten all of the skills they were taught last semester. It can be very frustrating for a teacher. Well, just when I was thinking "Dear Lord, how much more can I take," one of my kids came to me and said, "Miss D, we shared our testimony today, and now this boy wants to go to church." I replied, "I beg your pardon?" And she continued to explain that she and a few other students were in gym class, and sharing their testimonies, and love for Jesus with a peer, and he wanted to attend church. She was SO excited, and I was too. You see, this student is pregnant, and she was sharing that even though she sinned, God still loved her, and that was something that she and God would have to work out. I was so proud!

It can be REALLY easy to slip into the thought that these kids don't care about anything but themselves, and that they are so narcissistic, but today totally reaffirmed that what I do matters, and that God is still God!

I was reading from Dr. Dollar's new book last night, and marked a couple of highlights to share. I love the realistic approach he takes with his readers. It's a GREAT read!

From 8 Steps to Creat the Life you Want:
The foundation scripture is: "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him," James 1:5 NIV

1. Surrender all of your plans to the Lord.
2. Surround yourself with godly men and women, and imitate their faith and good character.
3. Set aside time daily to pray and study God's Word.
4. Ask the Lord to reveal His will in every situation you encounter.
5. Use scriptures as the foundation for how you live.
6. Don't be swayed by your emotions or the pressures of life.
7. Be willing to learn from your mistakes.

I LOVE these little nuggets because it gives me something to "check" off, and remember to do daily. I know that my little blurb doesn't do the book justice, but I encourage everyone to go buy it. It really is a great book with a solid scriptural foundation. Have a great weekend, and look for some fun pics from this weekend! Oh yeah--shout out to Sandy on an awesome post!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jarvis - I was thinking about you so I came to get the blog update! - Windy

Jarvis Noelle said...

Hey Windy! So good to hear from still loving Austin?