Sunday, February 3, 2008

A GIANT post!

I, along with MILLIONS of fans witnessed the feat of the Giants over the Patriots. I LOVE THE STORY OF AN UNDERDOG!!!! I mean, the rush of the last few seconds of the game was incredible. This win incited many thoughts in me, and apparently others because it has been the talk of many a blog today! You know, the Giants were not slated to win. Their season was less than perfect, and they rarely received any airtime leading up to the game, but NONE of that matters now!

All in all, I loved the game. I love when an underdog comes from behind, and tears down belief barriers. Isn't that what life is all about? Such a David and Goliath moment!

Switching gears here: I have to give an update on the house hunt! I will travel to Houston later this month to view some of my favorite plans. I've decided on a two-story option, just finalizing the rest. I will be sure to post pictures, I think it's so fun to share the experience with you, my faithful readers. I'm still job hunting, but I am putting that all in God's hands. He knows my needs, and the perfect job for me, so I can't worry about it! I solicit your prayers....thanks in advance! Until next time.....