Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Family Pride

Hello Blogger Friends!!!
I am so proud of my cousin Jonathan Lewis. He graduates in May, and he is ranking as the Valedictorian of his class right now. This article was written about him in Jackson, MS Clarion Ledger. He is really a great kid, and I am so proud of him. It makes all of those years of fixing him hot dogs and green beans SO worth! Thank you for sharing in this proud moment with my family and I!!!!
'Ebony' honors Provine's remarkable Lewis

Jonathan Lewis' unique mixture of academic and athletic prowess earned the Provine senior a spot in Ebony magazine's Top 10.
Ask parents what they want their child to be, and the answers will run the gamut from A to Z.
Some may say they want a strong academic student, valedictorian even. Others may want a sports star. A few may aspire for their child to be student body president. Or maybe one with a heart for others and who is involved at church. Many will say they want a good kid who respects and is respected by others.
For the parents of Jonathan Lewis, a senior at Provine High, the answer's simple: all of the above.
"Jonathan's name means God-given, and he has truly been a blessing to his parents," said Jennifer Lewis, Jonathan's mother and a teacher at Provine.
They are not the only ones who have noticed. The June issue of Ebony magazine will feature its selected outstanding scholars, one of whom is Lewis.
"It's the top 10 scholars in the nation, which is featured in Ebony every year," Jonathan said. "I was (notified) about a month ago that I had been selected. They called and said it's primarily because of my grades and my volunteer work. I volunteer with the March of Dimes."
Lewis, who is on track to be valedictorian, said he is involved with March of Dimes because he wants to bring attention to Mississippi's premature birth rate, one of the highest in the nation.
Lashunna Blackmon, Lewis' advanced placement senior English teacher, noticed both his balance and dedication.
"Jonathan is probably the most well-rounded student I've ever had here. He plays ball, he's involved in other activities and he gets his work in on time, even the lengthy assignments."
"Obviously, he's an outstanding representative (for Provine), because he really does epitomize what we believe, that hard work and consistent effort are the keys to success," Provine Principal Tex Red Jr. said. "He's a very articulate young man. As president of the student body (he's called on) to do a great many presentations, speak to the school and represent the school quite a bit. I've had a great many people say to me how well he represents this school.
"Having a young man who's so academically inclined while at the same time being a part of athletics and other extra-curricular activities ... he's the total embodiment of the student-athlete. You knew (when he came in as a freshman) that he was going to do well. Plus, I know his mom and pop, and I knew they wouldn't accept anything less."
Education is a part of the Lewis family's foundation. His father, Danny Lewis, is assistant principal at Powell Middle School.
In addition to the educational background, Jonathan and his father also share a love of basketball, as well as a claim to hoops success. A point guard for the Rams varsity team, he helped his squad claim back-to-back Class 5A state titles as well as this season's overall state championship.
Danny said that success, combined with his efforts to help Florence High School win the overall state title when he was in school, makes them the only father-son duo to claim overall titles of which he is aware.
"Mixed in with all of that, he is also one of the secretaries of Sunday school at Pearl Street A.M.E. Church," said Benjamin F. Harper Jr., superintendent of Sunday school at the church. "He actually contacted me. Now think about all of the other things he's been doing, (and he still wants) to be secretary. One of the things that really impressed me was that, when he had to go off on a basketball trip, he would let me know in advance. That's the kind of fellow he is."