Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Monday!

Hello Blogging Friends!
It's MONDAY!!! Ok--so, I'm not that excited that it's a beautiful day and we're covering poetry, but I'm finding my own beauty right now!

I went home this weekend, our church had its 27th anniversary, and it was phenomenal! In all of my years of attending my church, I have never felt God so near in a service. The singing, the praise dancing, the worship, but most importantly, the WORD was just amazing. It was one of those services where you are near tears the entire time...can I get an Amen?! smile

I am still studying my notes, but I will have to share the highlights at a later date. The message was over "Discovering the Will of God." God has been doing so much to show me His face lately, and this word was a confirmation in my spirit of so many things. You know how you can ask for something, and 'think' you heard the answer? Anyone ever been there?! I've struggled with taking action after God has given me the direction to go. I've been so paralyzed that I have failed to exercise my faith, and go foward. Joyce Meyer said it best when she said that being afraid to miss God can be just as detrimental as not moving at all...isn't that the truth?!

I promise I will share more of the actual message is worth the wait...I promise!

My pneumonia has finally given in to the antibiotics! It took a while (4 weeks), but the pleurisy has subsided...I wouldn't wish that on my WORST enemy...pain like no other...

Plans to move to Houston are still underway....keep praying...God is moving!