Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm Back!

I'm back!!! I've been gone for so long, but the break was SO worth it! I feel refreshed, and centered, and some exciting things have taken place. I need to get away more often....

I kind of don't know where to begin to catch you all up, but when I left, I was headed home to spend time with my Dad, and THE Dad...Jesus! It was awesome....

One of my favorite things to do with my Dad is to sit out in the garage, and talk. We talk about everything and anything...He's really one of my best friends. What can I say, I'm a lucky girl! He headed to Brownwood and I stayed home to hang out. Friday, I met him at my grandparent's farm for our family reunion. I had such a great cousins Lana and Alex just had a brand new baby boy Levi, and he is SO precious. He was really "fresh," just two weeks old, but my grandparents hadn't seen him yet, so they decided to make the visit. I definitely got a little itch, BUT it's gone now....HA! I wish I had a picture of me and the little man, but when I go visit them next month, I'll be sure to get one!

I also got a few goodies from my great-grandmother's collection. She passed away a couple of months ago, and my grandmother had some things of hers for us. I got a crystal vase, and white porcelain bowl, and two crystal angels that I will use as decorations during Christmas. I'll post pictures soon. I also scored a brand new welcome mat from one of my grandmother's many garage sale excursions!

I interrupt this post to say that MICHAEL JACKSON HAS PASSED AWAY!!! Goodness...the memories, the times I spent screaming his lyrics to the top of my lungs, how my parents and I would watch his videos, and the effects he had on millions of people. Regardless of what he has been accused of, he is someone's father, brother, son, and friend, and THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME.period! He'll be greatly missed..

So, remember when I told you that I had been praying about how I would serve in my church? Well, I've been chosen to take on the challenge of the Christian Education piece, which basically means I will work with a team to create the curriculum and flow of our worship services, and Bible studies for the youth! I am SO EXCITED!!! There's so much work to be done, but you know me, I never back down from a good challenge, and I love that I get to make an impact on teenagers, and give back. The Lord knows that I had so many people pouring into my life, and that's why I'm here today...HA!

I could type all night, but I'll leave you with this...check out my living room furniture that I've picked out...I'm 99.9% sure that I'll be getting this set! Let me know what you think!