Monday, September 14, 2009

New Car Blessings! since the last time I posted A LOT has happened! Remember I told you about my 90 Day Focus? Well, that is still going strong!

Have you ever had so much to say, but can't get the words to come out right? Well, that's me today...I can't get my brain and my fingers to get on the same page!

I can tell you this...I got a new car! The details behind this story are just amazing! Two weeks ago, I took my car into the shop because it was trembling. I expected a couple hundred dollars, and Froggy and I would be good to go. Well...that Tuesday, I called to see what the damage was, and got the "bad" news....$5500 motor replacement, or in the words of the technician...."it's time to get a new car honey...!"

I have to admit...I started to panic...I mean, I was planning on purchasing a new car, but I wanted to wait until the new get a "good deal." Needless to attitude about the entire situation was less than ideal.

I'm ashamed to say that for a moment, I forgot who was in control, and who allowed things to happen. I started to calculate gas prices, car notes, insurance on a new car...UGH! BUT GOD! He had a plan all along. To make a long story short, God was in this from the very beginning, and He couldn't have picked a better car for me.

It has EVERYTHING I ever wanted...and more, the price is right, and the interest rate...heavenly. God is so faithful! Here's my new ride:

I still don't know why I waste my time worrying about the details of my life. God has my best interest at heart..I hope I start remembering that!

I'll write more later, but I've got an early morning, and a late day!!!


The Ross' said...

OHHHHHH. LOVE IT! This is similar to what i have in mind for my next car

Corrie said...

So pretty! Enjoy the blessing!