Monday, August 31, 2009

90 Days!

So yesterday I got the brilliant idea to challenge myself for the next 90 days. I'mparticularly focusing on three areas: spiritual, physical, and my professional life.

I had a couple of people ask me specifically what this meant, and what I would do, so here goes!

Spiritual: I'm focusing on reading a chapter of Proverbs a night, as well as doing a bible study. I have two books that I'm doing over the next 12 weeks; 'Me, Myself, and Lies,' by Jennifer Rothschild, and 'Lady in Waiting,' by Jackie Kendall. I've read the entire book of Proverbs numerous times, but it's so thick with wisdom, that I have to do it again. a book that I first read from my WOW days at Baylor.

I wish I had my original copy with all of my notes, but I've since purchased a new copy that I'm filling with my thoughts.

Lately I've been feeling like I need to go beyond....if you know what I mean at all. I'm hoping these next 90 days will allow me to do just that.

Physical: I'm hitting the gym again, cutting down all carb intake to one day a week. It's going to be really hard not drinking sweet me Lord!

Professional: Bottom line, I've got to get my business in order!

I realize that this post may not give you the depth that you were looking for, but I intend to blog quite frequently about this experience, and guess get to read!!! Lucky you!

Hope you have a great night!