Monday, February 22, 2010

Call me Cranky!!

Tonight, I'm thankful for this arena from which I can stand and WHINE!!! So, I'm warning you now...if you could care less, "X" out of this screen.

I don't feel good! Really! I mean what gives, I take vitamins EVERYDAY for this! I'm annoyed, short-tempered, and impatient today! I hate when I get like this because when I'm cranky, I'm forced to sit down and...think...GASP!!! You may be chuckling right now, and I realize that there's the rebuilding of Haiti, and the genocide in Darfur, but if I can just have my moment, I'll be finished before you know it!

It's not that I despise thinking, I just don't like to dwell on those things that annoy me. Notice how I said annoy...insert make me sad! Oooohhh....I said it...SAD! HA!

I'd like to think that these feelings are here because 1. I only have one working nostril, 2. my house is a mess, and that makes me crazy, 3. I can't think of another one...oh well!
I think the only thing that can help me at this point are french fries...BUT, you guessed it, I'm sick and I don't feel like rising from the couch. Not to mention that I made it home at 2:38 today, and was knocked out by 2:40. I think I woke up around was lovely! And I'm ready for Round II!!!
If you're still here...bless you! I'll be better tomorrow...after I get those fries!


The Ross' said...

1-feel better quickly.
2-omit the fries.
3-grace, grace, grace.
4-rest. just be. and enjoy it.