Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In all Honesty!

I received another blog award today, and I dont' know what to do with myself! Thanks Kelsey...I'm honored...honestly..HA!

Kelsey mentioned 10 random things about herself, and I thought I'd do the same!

1. I have a sweet obsession with sweet tea, and I'm convinced that if I gave it up, I'd lose that last 20 pounds!

2. I love reading blogs. I could do it all day know, I didn't have a job!

3. I have an obsession with the overuse of (...) and (!)...! see?!

4. I do but I don't want to teach summer school this summer. What do you think? I'm divided!

5. I follow the same morning routine EVERY morning...without deviation!

6. I like room temperature bottled water...cold makes my head hurt.

7. I hate working out...I'd rather not eat bad foods!

8. My favorite Tyler candle is 'DIVA!' Have you met her? She smells wonderful!

9. I love colored markers, SHARPIES, and cute notecards!!! LOVE THEM!

10. I miss the chicken salad from Amelia's in for real!

Hope you enjoyed reading my randomness for tonight, and thanks again Kelsey!
My allergies are still kicking my butt, so much so that I slept 4 hours today after work! It was AWESOME!!! Enjoy your night bf's!