Thursday, April 29, 2010

Update and Coupon Maintenance!

So yesterday I had a meeting and TOTALLY planned out what the next few months will look like legally speaking! It was exciting, but I left totally overwhelmed...not a regular emotion for me!

I mean, I know I can do it, but there are SO many details, and generally speaking, I'm a big picture person. I like to vision cast, and can easily identify next steps, but when it comes to the minute-by-minute....not my strong side! Luckily for me, most of my close friends are detail hunters, and they've got my back. Once I get a few of the paperwork duckies in a row, I'm going to have a 'meeting of the minds,' so I can delegate some of these tasks to much more capable people!

On the drive home, I found myself really shocked at the possibilities, but I was reminded that God predestined my steps before my Mother ever knew she'd be a momma, heck before her momma's momma momma knew....and that I've just settled for what I see, not what God can do in my life! Trust me though...I'm taking it one day at a time because God's blessings can knock a girl off of her feet!

I know you're probably chomping at the bit for more details, but honestly right now...I don't have them. I have a notebook with pages and pages of notes, ideas, names, contacts, addresses, etc...but I promise to keep you updated, and I KNOW I'll need your opinion, so please stick around!

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Now-- It's Show Us Your Life at Kelly's Korner, and the subject is money saving tips. Now, I'm not the biggest finance guru...far from it to say the least, but I have a few tricks of the trade!

I keep a cute little leather pocket deal in my purse full of my coupons. That way, when I get them in the mail, I just stick them right in there, and when I go to the store, they're ready. Also, if you're a teacher, you get a discount at New York and Company, Barnes & Noble, Waldenbooks, Books a Million...can you think of any others?

A lot of people decline this option, but I use one of my old e-mail addresses for stores to have. You'd be surprised how many stores let you know by e-mail when great sales are happening, and they'll even e-mail coupons. Stores like The Gap, Banana Republic, Express, NY&Co, etc will take the email version of the coupon if you show them on your cell phone!

Don't miss out on these coupons because you don't want to give away your's worth it!

I never go to the grocery store without a list...EVER!!!! I save so much money this way!

If you don't take your lunch to it! This too saves money, and often times inches on your waistline! Being a single gal, I always have left overs, so I try to take them to work.

I'm sure you have many more tips....this is certainly something I need to work on!

Goodnight! Tomorrow is the last day of TAKS...our state assessment! Hallelujah!


Beth McC. said...

Love this post! I am a couponer too- I love it!! I love your blog, too cute! Consider me a new follower!

Pam said...

I love NY&Co, but I didn't know teachers could get discounts! How??