Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Write the Vision...

There are very few times when I'm speechless....and by speechless, I mean having NOTHING to say! Well, tonight is one of those nights!

(Oh, and by the way! HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!! I celebrated with Amanda and Abbey, Presha and her two girls, and Amy and her fam! It was a fun, loud, crazy time! I meant to get a picture, but with 3 kiddos.....that didn't happen)

Anywho, I'm just blown away by the outreach of support from my friends, total Habakkuk 2:2 moment!

Today was pretty eventful as well, I received the Employee Identification Number, as well as filed the non-profit paperwork with the state. It's coming along....really it is, and I have no doubt it will be great!