Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Randoms

Have you ever wondered why Sonic is the only fast food establishment that provides peppermints? Classy I tell ya!

Today is Friday, game day Friday! There are exactly three more games this football season, PTL! Every time I attend a game, I mentally thank my parents for coming to every single game without fail....EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!!! They folks, deserve a medal!

My house looks like a tornado hit it.....literally. In fact, when I walk in, I get anxious. This will change. Tonight. Whilst I'm drying my hair and singing to the tunes of my iPod! Speaking of my iPod, a song came on this morning whilst I was doing my make-up that took me back to an Alpha Step Show after y'all remember that party? The one where we wore camo??! It was by far THE best after party to date...anywho...I took a moment to bust out my dance moves...because, it's how I roll in the mornings...really it is...I just may take my show on the road! I'm that good...oh I kid!

Anywho...I just thought I'd pop in here and spread a little I'm so glad it's Friday love...oh, and 9 weeks of school is over, and it's three weeks until my birthday, oh, and 2 weeks before I see my family in Mississippi!!! Have a great weekend!