Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just in case you wanted to know...

What I've been up along!
1. I've been busy planning the PINK! Young Women's Leadership Conference! I know you haven't heard much about this, and perhaps I should devote an entire post to it...but for now, here's a tidbit. It's a conference hosted by my school, put on by my non-profit targeted towards girls in grades 6-12.

What I envisioned as an audience of 50-100...maybe 200, has quickly grown to 500!!! Humbling to say the least! It's in April by the way, and I'm hoping to catch you up to speed before then!

2. Doing projects for my principal as an intern.

3. Schoolwork...yuck!

4. Cheer practice...when will it end?!

5. Traveling

6. Preparing to present at the AP Conference in Philly next month. About that: I seriously DO NOT belong in a league with the other presenters. So unqualified...pray for me!

7. Answering phone calls from my cousin using the Tango app...she's obssessed, and apparently she thinks I'm cool because she calls almost daily...but it's so cute!

8. Pre-planning for Malitta's bridal shower and bachelorette part in NOLA!

9. Eating tuna and taco soup...LOL!

10. Cutting back on sweet tea.

11. Working on holding my tongue...this is SO hard!

12. Getting excited about the warmer temps! Cut sandals and wedges, skirts and dresses, and a really great tan!

13. Balancing my life a little more. I'm still working hard on this one because I am really SO busy. I know I say that a lot, and I actually thrive off of the busyness, but a little lull would be nice! you know what I know!!!