Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lest I Forget...

I mentioned in my previous post that I am preparing for a young women's leadership conference on April 16th! That is officially 10 days away!!! Where oh where has the time gone?! I wanted to be sure to take this time to write down allll of the tidbits floating around in my head right now. Because one day...the very first PINK! Conference will be a fond memory, and it won't be so fresh...or maybe it will be...maybe I'll never forget what this time will feel like! First of all, God is if I even have to type that. When I first completed our underwriting packet, I had NO idea who would sponsor us. It was a long shot to me, but clearly not to God. We have raised over $5400, and I really can't believe it. I really can't. I have seen belief barriers broken, mostly mine, and just people SO excited about this...and it blows my mind. The other day, I had a moment of panic...what if the 500 girls that are registered don't come? What if we don't get the food donations to feed them? Will I really have to cook 500 hotdogs? Logistically, is that possible? What if?! However, I've really tried to focus on the fact that this really isn't my project, and that God has it all under control. I just need to do my part, and He will do the rest. Has this been an easy road....definitely not. I am constantly putting out logistical fires, and changing a schedule that I thought was set, but in the end, 500 little girls will benefit from all of the inconveniences we've all shared. My vision is for PINK! to become an organization that is known for mentoring and empowering young women....but I don't know how the Lord will get us there....I'm positive that He will though! I can't wait to journal the pictures share with you what He did....just 10 days...and so much to accomplish in this short time! We covet prayers, and if you have a food 'guy,' send him my way...but really, we need your prayers! Goodnight!