Sunday, August 26, 2012

My New Normal!

Hey there!
So, the 100 days of prayer is over, and I must admit, I thought that there would be a harp playing when I awoke that morning, or something else celestial in nature, but nope...not a thing.

Dare I say that I also thought that every prayer, issue, and tender space that concerned my heart would automatically make sense, and 'fix itself.'  Yeah...that didn't happen either.

Remember when I told you that my life looks nothing like it did 100 days ago?  Well, I wasn't exaggerating.  I am no longer a teacher by paid profession.  It is so weird to even type those words.  Someone who fought tooth and nail to NOT become a teacher because I never really wanted to teach, to become someone who truly loved and enjoyed interacting with students, being a light, and loving God in the starting a non-profit that has taken off, to now working said non-profit full time...totally trusting God in the process, believing for bigger and better, and sitting on a TON OF FEAR!

This is new for me.  I don't mind working.  I am the person that goes to work sick.  I used the majority of my sick days as travel days...shhhh!!  I consider myself to have a strong work ethic.  I give 100000000% of myself to my job.  I'm a kidding, but you get the picture!  So this last week and a half has been filled with tons of questions, like what the heck do I do now?!

Theoretically speaking I write grants and plan our programming, but it has been a learning curve going from 12-13 hour days to working from home.  I am so out of my league.

While sometimes I forget, I know that at the end of each day I am exactly where I am supposed to be, and I am working towards the new normal that the Lord has called me to.  As scary as this time is, a new story will definitely become mine.