Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Something is coming...

This has to be a record.  I am blogging in the same month and year as my previous post!  Alert the masses people, this is a miracle!

I wanted to blog about the crazy set of events that has happened within the last week or so of my life.  Last Sunday, I was visiting the BFF and her family, and I felt myself getting sick.  When sickness is about to descend upon me, I can just feel it.  I started to get really cold, and just felt bad.  But when I awoke Monday, it was horrible.  I sounded like a man, and my body physically ached.  I couldn't move.  I literally had to pray that I would have strength to get out of the bed.  It was horrible.  Chills, fever, night sweats, a horrible sore throat, THE worst.

Anyway, I ended up missing two days of work, and was literally EXCITED when I returned because that meant that I would be in the land of the living. 

Fast forward to the weekend.  I was getting my eyebrows arched, and even though I asked the lady NOT to put the mineral oil on my face to clean the wax off, (it breaks me out), she did it anyway.  She proceeded to massage my temples, which I hated, THEN, she massaged my tear ducts.  Every internal alarm was going off within me, and I told her NO!  Don't do that, you shouldn't touch people's eyes.

When I left the salon, I called my Mom and told her what happened.  She chuckled at my annoyance, because I immediately thought the worst, and just said maybe I shouldn't return. 

Well, that Sunday when I awoke early morning for a trip to the potty, I noticed that my eyes were glued shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I immediately knew that I had pink eye.........in BOTH eyes!  I was so angry.  This woman had violated my personal space, and given me her nasty, funky, germs.  My spirit was/is so grieved.  Heck, it's still grieved.  Isn't that Rule 101, to never touch your eyes, or someone else's for that matter? 

So now, while nursing a horrible night cough, I also have double pink eye.  I seriously look like I've been crying for about a year, my eyes are so so red.  Did I mention how angry I am at this lady?  Woosah....pray for me in this area....for my flesh is ready to pounce.

I finally declared healing and wholeness over my body today.  I'm tired of being sick, not feeling myself, and having itchy eyes.  I'm ready to be back on top of life....whole, healthy!

Moving forward!  I can't go into details right now, because quite frankly, I don't know, but I can feel something on the horizon, and it makes me happy....you know why?!  Because I've been right here, in this place for far too long!  I'll keep you posted, but something is coming, and it's not another illness!