Saturday, November 22, 2014


I just looked at the date of my last post, and it was almost a month ago. 

Let's see what has transpired during that time. I've turned 34...celebrated with friends on amazing life milestones...fallen in love with pomegranates...resisted the urge to play Christmas music until I have a slice of turkey on the actual day of thanks....already celebrated Thanksgiving...taught Chunk's how to say how old he is....finally gave in to Coco and cut her ponytail....and I think the crowning moment would have to be I've really accepted where I am in my life, and those I'm doing life with. People come...they go...the special ones hang around for a while, and life still has a way of being the same but different. 

My prayer has really been that I do not miss the specialness of each day....OR, as I heard it so quaintly put...don't wish for the sunset while watching it rise. 

So...that's what's up on this end. Still pausing. Not moving. Being still. Being quiet. Trying so very hard to not miss the beauty in the little things...and trying even harder to not whine too  

Until next time...