Thursday, December 11, 2008

In pursuit...

Hello! Today, for some reason, I am SO tired! I really didn't do anything different, but I'm pooped. I will definitely hit the sack early tonight!

Today, I am thankful for rest. Not just any kind of rest though, that rest you get when you've done all you can do to change a situation, and you run to God defeated, asking Him to make it all better. Aren't you glad He's always right there, ready to pick you up, take you in His arms, and release the load you should not have been carrying around you know what kind of rest that is?

God has been dealing with me on a subject that I will share more about later. Trust me when I tell you that I've been running HARD to NOT change, but when God is after you, there really is no place to hide! I promise to share more later as God pursues me in this, until tomorrow! ~J


The Ross' said...

...look forward to hearing about the hot pursuit! lol...gotta love JC and His faithfulness to us. I'm sure it will be something we call all relate to one way or another. We all have a Goliath or two to overcome!