Friday, December 12, 2008

Lay it Down...

Today, aggravation is clouding my thankfulness, but only for a fleeting moment. This all stems from my need to control everything! Imagine that, I get agitated with people who don't perform to my me, God is SO dealing with me on this.

I have to be honest and say that at first, I wasn't going to blog about this part, but there's nothing like being real, and I do want to be real. It's funny how this is something that I asked God to bring under His control...TODAY, and here I am, faced with a test. Normally, I would write people off, and just do it myself. I understand that that's not the best way to handle things, but my Goliath...thanks Becca, is not your Goliath. I get annoyed with excuses. You should hear me in my classroom...I don't like them, and my kids know that. I get annoyed when people consider their life more important than yours, we've all got things that we think are important..I get annoyed when people committ to a project, and don't uphold their responsibilities. I get annoyed with people....easily...

Now, you may laugh, but at first, for years in fact, I didn't see a thing wrong with this. Excellence is the standard, and if you were not reaching for excellence, I felt it was my job to tell you. I laugh now, because obviously I've had it all wrong!

It's not my job to be the police of the's not my job to get annoyed with those that God loves's just not my job! Now don't get me wrong..I just realized that this was not a good idea, and that God doesn't like it...I JUST laid this down at His feet, so I'm not exactly where I need to be yet, but I promise I'm on my way.

So, alllll of this to say that today, I'm thankful for laying another yucky habit down at the feet of Jesus, so that He can prune and mold me into His likeness. Until tomorrow...~J