Monday, December 8, 2008


Today started off a great day. When I walked outside this morning, the sky was a mixture of pink and purple, and streaks of gold. It was beautiful. Either I never take the time to look at the sky in my mad dash to get to work on time, or today was just extra special. Whatever the case, it made me pause, and thank God for a brand new morning. So, today I am thankful for that brief moment of was beautiful...

I've had a few questions about the bread, so here's the scoop. This Thanksgiving, my cousin gave me an ounce of her starter for sourdough bread. The process is really simple, you just have to feed the starter every 3-7 days. I'd love to multiply my starter, and share it with anyone who's interested. So far I already have 2 people, so I'm excited. Fresh bread is amazing! Well, that's all for today!Have a great evening!