Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The floodgates of Heaven!

Day 3!!!!! Blog friends, God is MOVING!!! He is amazing, and His timing is always right on time...no matter what we think.

Remember I told you about the torrential rains we had yesterday? Well, they turned into flooding, and it was so bad, that I wasn't able to cross one of the main roads on my way to work this morning, so, I had an impromptu day off! How awesome was that?! I must admit that I was kind of annoyed in the beginning, because my mind was already in work mode, but I just asked the Lord to make this day about Him, and for it to be worth my while to stay home...it was!

Today, I'm thankful for glimmers of hope, and God's promises, for they do not return void. God is a god that cannot lie, but He is not concerned with our time schedules either. Sometimes, that is such a hard thing for me to remember. I kind of want what I want when I want it...smile!

My heart is so full right now, and there is such a spirit of expectancy around me, but with that comes opposition from the devil, so I'm asking for your prayers. For strength, wisdom, discernment, and to keep my eyes on the prize!

I hope you had a great Tuesday...tomorrow is Wednesday...hump day! Until tomorrow!