Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I will not be MOVED!

Today, I'm thankful for so much, that I can barely put it into words. I drove to church today not wanting to go, but knowing that I couldn't miss it.

I've been so frustrated, praying/begging for God to reach right into my situation, and turn it around. I drove to church, listening to "Made Me Glad," (see below for the video...stop music on the right), and just hoping that He could hear my heart because the words wouldn't come. So many questions, impatience...patience is not my virtue, but I'm working on it, and just feeling like my faith was literally flying out of the window as I drove down 59 N because I was allowing the enemy to take me back....snap me right into a 'rerun' of my worst season of life if you will.

My struggle is not sex, it's not lying, my struggle is the battlefield called 'the mind.' I ward off thousands of unedifying thoughts a day...literally...most times, I have to take each day minute by minute, because satan is sneaky in his approach with me. It's exhausting, but I'm determined to win this war through Jesus. But with determination to press on with God, comes MUCH opposition from the devil.

In the past, it's always when I'm about to break through...about to burst through the barrier, and reach a new level in Christ that the past creeps in, and strangles my future. But not today...God interceded, and tonight, I stand in the presence of God, declaring just like Jacob did that I will not back down, and I won't leave until He blesses me. Do you hear that satan..? BRING IT ON!!!!!!


The Ross' said...

Amen!! You are so right--the enemy gets greedy just before the BLESSINGS/BREAKTHROUGH arrive. That little booger isn't happy, but your position isn't going to give him an inch. KEEP WORSHIPING w/THANKFULNESS. You're awesome Jarvis. You are not going to be disappointed.