Sunday, April 19, 2009

Made me Glad

WARNING!! This post will be all over the place. I've been wanting to post for a few days, but things have been a little crazy, and it seems as though I always have some meeting to attend after work.

First things first....we have had some BEAUTIFUL days. While it rained all day Friday and Saturday, today was gorgeous. When I walked out of church today, it took my breath away!!! Weather that beautiful makes me want to stay outside all day long.

Strange thing that I want to chronicle right here on my blog....6 weeks ago, I woke up with my left eye swollen. I'm talking, quasi-moto...UGLY!!! I went to the doctor, and she told me it was an eye infection, gave me 2 antibiotics, and sent me on my way.

Fast forward to last Thursday. I woke up with the SAME issue, on the SAME eye, only this time it was much, much worse. Here's proof:

I went back to the doctor, and got back on meds, and hopefully this issue won't happen again. It's kind of scary, because I really don't like eye issues...but I guess who does?! My eye looks almost normal now...still a little swelling below the eye, but thanks to some Mary Kay eye mask, it went down a lot!

I mentioned earlier that I found a church in Houston, and God has exceeded ALL of my expectations. I wanted a place where I could serve, fellowship, and grow in my relationship with Christ, and Higer D is a place where that is taking place. Today during the sermon, I was overcome with so much emotion, because I felt like I was in the right place at the right time, and I am where God wants me to be for now. What I mean by this is that there are some things that I'm not thrilled about that are happening, and for the most part, it's out of my hands. I'm grieved, I feel misunderstood, I feel ostracized for my beliefs, and my hands are tied. But God's aren't. I seek your prayers. Specifically for wisdom, peace, and for me to be slow to anger. I want God to be glorified in all that I do, and sadly, when I'm upset and lose my temper, that is rarely the case. It's all about me being heard, my point received, and those are selfish ambitions. So please pray for me. One of my MOST FAVORITE worship songs EVER is "Made me Glad" by Hillsong! This song is so amazing, and it has ministered to me during so many seasons of my life. I've included it below for your enjoyment. (Make sure you pause the music on the right.)

I was having quiet time last week, seeking, no, begging God to show me His face, have mercy on my soul, and give me the answers I so desperately need. I didn't really hear anything that night, but the next morning, God told me two things as clear as day: 1. LOVE, don't judge, and 2. When I least expect it. I'm not quite sure I know what "it" He's talking about, I mean, I can offer an educated guess, but I suppose I'll just wait and see.

I want you all to know that Satan is SO BUSY, and sadly some people have no clue. Satan is so good at knowing what our hot buttons are, that we don't even stop to question the origin of our encounters. My heart literally cries out for those people that think God is a joke, and that He does not exist. My heart cries out even more for those who know Him,, but don't give Him the time of day. Who think that He knows their hearts, and excuses our behaviors. I shudder at the thought of one day having to account for EVERY sin...have mercy on me Lord! Two weeks ago, Pastor shared in his sermon that "God's delay of dealing with our transgressions should not be taken as Him letting us slide." WOW! I immediately thought of all the times I "got by" with something.

The funny thing is, it's the same today as it was when Christ walked the earth. This Easter, I watched "The Passion of the Christ," with my Dad, and I weeped through entire film. People who walked the earth with Christ, sat with Him, spoke to Him, SAW His miracles firsthand were those same people who chose for Him to die over the most evil criminal in the land. They were the same people who nailed Him to a cross between 2 criminals, and sadly, God revealed to me that when I choose my desires, my wishes, and myself over His will, I'm in essence playing for the other team. WOW!!

I love it when God speaks directly to the issues of my heart, corrects me, and convicts me. And if no one on the earth ever thinks that my beliefs are worth copying, I'm OK with that, as long as the Father is well pleased. That's all I really care about, I just wish that I always acted like that!

So, friends, that's been my life lately, hearing, waiting, learning, being pruned, expecting, and loving! Oh, and a few pedicures stuck in between...HA!

Oh yeah! One more thing before I leave, and I do promise to write more. Remember about two posts ago that I shared that God called me to minister to young ladies on the issue if sexual purity? Well, I was approached at church the other day about a ministry opportunity, and let me just say is WAY BIGGER than I EVER DREAMED....but isn't that just like God?! I'm not sharing details because frankly, I don't know them just yet, but I promise you my faithful readers will be the first to know!

Until next time!