Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 - A Look Back!

WOW!!! 2010! Can you believe it?! I'm so excited about this year. I have such a great expectation for what God can do in my life over the next 12 months! 2009 was a rough year for my family, and we are definitely looking forward to what the next 12months hold.

Kelly, over at Kelly's Korner did this Annual Review on her blog, and I loved it so much, that I wanted to do the same. So without further ado, my year in review~!


1. My parents and My family! They mean the world to me. I love that I can be 100% myself, and not feel inadequate, or silly! I can't think of a better night than hanging out with my family...such good times.

2. My friends! I laugh more, eat more, exerrcise more (thank goodness), experience more, know more, understand more, and just have more because of the wonderful people I call my friends. I look at my friendships as an extension of my family...and that is such a blessing to me. I truly have some special people in my life. I was thinking tonight how blessed my life is. I am SO blessed...really I am!

3. My job! Yes, I know we're in a recession, and all of that, but I take my job seriously. Everyday, I get to mold 167 lives. I get to show them grace, correction, love, and morals...and of course..English..ha! My job is HARD, but SO rewarding. My kids can really be so sweet, and I really do love them...but it gets downright dirty sometimes...HA!

4. My relationship with JESUS! I truly don't know where I would be without Him. He is my everything. I live my life to please Him, and to bring honor to Him...and I fall short everyday, but He loves me just the same.

5. I'm thankful that I've lost almost ALL of the weight I set out to lose. I've worked so hard, and I feel so much more confident about myself. It was hard to believe that I weighed what I did, but I've got such a great support system! I hate going to the gym, but there really is no way to lose weight, and keep it off without some type of exercise. I also didn't realize the amount of self-confidence I lost. I don't ever want to lose that again!


1. I want to stop hitting the snooze button every morning. It's sad, but I hit that button for at least 20 minutes! I want to use that time in prayer and quiet time with God so that I can start my day off right.

2. I want to be a better daughter, friend, teacher, sister, and family member.

3. I want to continue to be healthy, and continue going to the gym! I also want to blog more! It helps me with my!

4. I want to improve my finances/savings/retirement...etc! Adult topics I know, but I'll be 30 this year! I also want to give more than the 10% for my tithes! Just something that is on my heart!

5. I want to improve who I am on the inside. I want to exhibit God's love, grace, and kindness towards others. I want to be that light in this dark world!


1. I want to deepen my relationships with the youth at my church.

2. I want to go to Africa on a mission trip this year.

3. I want to continue the work I do in the community through the Junior League.

4. I want to give more to those in matter what the need is.

5. I want to be a great role model for my cheerleaders! Love those girls!

I spent NYE in church with my Mom, which is how I like to bring in my New Year's! After service, I went to Taviea's Dad house! We had a blast playing games, and catching up! Here are a few pics!

And just for kicks, Facebook allows you to create a Year in pics! Here is mine:

I'm so looking forward to spending the next year with you! Happy New Year!