Thursday, January 14, 2010

If you thought I was random before...

I said I wasn't going to blog tonight, but after coming home...I crashed on the couch, and after a quick trip to Target...yes, I have an illness, I can't sleep.

Speaking of oh man how I love that store. I could walk the aisles for hours...but tonight I was on a mission. In and out in 32 minutes, armed with a few new treats for me, including their bite sized rice crispy treats...definitely my love language!

I apologize in advance because this post is sure to top the charts for its randomness. I'm just feeling that way here goes.

1. Did you know that I love stationary, paper, cool pens, get the idea? Ask my parents, they were buying me a new notebook and pen every other day growing up. It's just something about a new notebook to me that is like New Year's Day all over again, or that brand new box of crayons feeling..

2. Maybe my obsession for paper centers around my love for lists. My whole life is a list. In fact, tonight, I'll complete my list of things I want to accomplish during this time away from TV land. Lists make my world go round!

3. On the flip side, I can be quite forgetful...even with my list. Sometimes, I can't even find the list...but if you know me at know my brain goes 90 I like to say that I'm not brain is just busy! HA!

4. I have had chicken enchilada soup from Chili's 3 nights this week. It never gets old! It makes me happy...

5. I still fight sleep...LOL! I can hang as long as I'm moving around, but the minute I get out...just like a little kid!

6. I read a quote today that pretty much sums up my life as a sorority girl, but I'm waiting until tomorrow to share it with you..WHY you ask? Because tomorrow is the 102nd birthday of my lovely sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

That's about it folks...OH, but before I was a huge win in the shopping department for me. I stopped by Banana Republic after work, and got three great tops on sale!

Then of course at Target...picked up a new headband (to match one of my new tops), earrings, a magazine, and these jazzy new fruit roll-ups I wanted to try..and let's not forget..more stationary. I like to have options when sending those snail mail notes.

That's it folks..tomorrow is Friday thank goodness. AND, my Dad is coming to visit me. I'm so excited! I haven't seen him in a few weeks. I hope he's ready to shop!


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