Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Hey y'all!  I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I must admit, it was very difficult for me to get a lot of work done on Monday and Tuesday of last week because I was so anxious to get to my family, but I managed to plow through, and before I knew it, I was headed north on I-45!

This year we did a little something different for Thanksgiving...we had breakfast at my cousin's new house, and then headed to the Dallas Cowboys stadium to see them take on the Washington Redskins!!!!  (We had Thanksgiving dinner on Friday...)

I'll be honest, I was totally going for the Redskins!  Many of you know that RGIII and I grew up together in the very same church, and such!  He is also a Baylor Bear!  So, there was no way I could NOT root for my homie...regardless of where I

During the National Anthem...I LOVE that part of games...

This was during the coin toss!

My entire family came to the game, but we pretty much split once we made it into the gate!  LOL!  I sat by my sweet Granny!!!  This is my cousin Eboni!

Before I left to head to the farm, I put up my Christmas tree.  I wanted it to be up so that I wouldn't have to do it when I got home.  I know that most people wait until after Thanksgiving, and I will do that after I have my family...right now, it's all about convenience.  Every year I have the thought/prayer that it is the LAST tree that I put up as a single gal.  Only God knows right?! LOL..  Here she is in the flesh!

I LOVE my tree.  I love the holidays.  I love Christmas music, and how people just tend to be a little nicer during this time of year.  I DO NOT like the food comas I encounter, but the food is so good! I'll be at the gym tomorrow morning...I can feel the dressing, mac and cheese, and sweet potatoes in my

I came back Saturday and was home for about an hour before heading to Marcus and Malitta's gender reveal party.  I am happy to announce that my little bundle of love NEPHEW will be here in April!  I love him so much already...I can't wait to kiss his little cheeks and feet! 

Danni came down for the party, and IT WAS SO GOOD seeing her.  We hadn't seen each other since M&M's wedding in January, and we had a lot of catching up to do.  I love my sweet friends, and I love my little nephew!  I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have amazing friends in my life.  Not everyone can say that, and I am truly blessed.

I'll leave you with a little video I took during the big reveal moment.  It is so precious and captures just how excited we all are!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!