Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hair, Skin and Nails Products REVIEW!!

Well hello blognation!  How the heck are you guys doing?!?

Things are all gravy over here, and I have some awesome pics to share with you of my hair journey to natural hair thus far.  This post is a review post of sorts.  Recently, I have been trying different products to help with certain areas regarding my Hair, Skin, and a fun new twist on cute Nails!


Before I post, I'd like to offer a disclaimer.  Right before I began taking the Hair Skin and Nails supplement, I had a light trim.  I have been wearing my hair in protective styles, so my ends are never out.  I use a moisturizer daily, and deep condition about once a week since I'm really working with two textures of hair.

It has taken everything in me to not cut my ends, but I wanted to see the growth after another week or so on the HSN.  Needless to say, I have been blown away!  If it weren't my own head, I really wouldn't believe it.

So without further adieu....

CrAzY right?!?!?!  And this is after 18 days.....unbelievable!

So now, I can retrim my ends and layers, and photo journal of the rate my hair is growing, I'll be all natural by the end of the summer...

You can purchase this product from my website: and search for Hair Skin and Nails under the SKIN category.


Another thing I did this weekend was try a new product for my skin.  I have ALWAYS had stubborn clogged pores along the bottom of my chin, and on my right cheek near my nose, and NOTHING, I mean nothing has ever worked.  

I have tried numerous masks, oil cleansing, everything...and to no avail.  Until I ran across this product on Pinterest.

It literally pulls the gunk out of your face, and turns those areas dark black....yuck!'s super pricey!!  I would definitely suggest going to Sephora and getting a sample first!

I learned this weekend that while masks are good, they only do the work while they are on your face.  Once you rinse it off, it stops doing its magic.  So I asked the lady what I could do about my pesky pores, and she introduced me to this heavenly, amazing, has my utmost respect for life product, Picture POREfect by Derma Doctor.

Trust me when I say this....nothing is this good!  I have tried everything, and I truly feel that this product, along with my Hair Skin and Nails supplements, has my skin in the best condition it has ever been!  The wonderful ladies (or gentlemen) at Sephora can hook you up with a sample for this as well!!!  I will forever sing its praises.  My pores are looking smaller, things are clearing up...I'm all smiles!


Now, this is a fun part!  My long time friend Rebecca Ross just started a new, fun venture as a Jamberry Nails Consultant.  This product is made in the USA, free of all the things nail polish and the like brings, and comes in over 350 fun wraps for your nails and toes.  There's even a Juniors line.  

The possibilities and combinations are endless, and you can check out my online party by clicking this link:

Check them won't be sorry!  

I've got these beauties headed my way, and I can't wait to try them out and do a review for you!

Well....what do you think?  Are you wanting to give any of these products a try?  Let me know in the comments!!!  Have a great day!