Monday, March 31, 2014

Just one touch...

I remember as a child, watching everyone go to the altar at the end of the church service. I wish I could say that it moved me to tears, and that I 'got it' from the very beginning, but that's not the truth.

The truth is I would often want to hurry that part of the service along so I could get to what I thought to be better dinner, my pager (seriously...why did I need that), whatever book I was reading at the get it. 

Oh, but today! I don't know if it's because I realize the high cost for which I've been bought, or because I've prayed ceaselessly for my loved ones to accept Christ, but today, the altar call is my most favorite part of the service. 

I imagine how nervous they are...heart beating outside of their chests, feet shackled to the floor by sin, pain, and fear...battling the lies satan is whispering in their ears, {you'll never change, God doesn't love you, who do you think you are} but happens...a small move toward the aisle, and before you know it, a friend takes their hand and walks with them on the greatest journey one can ever take. It moves me to tears every single time. 

Because all it takes is just a single touch. One touch from the creator of heaven and earth, and a lifetime of struggle, hurts, and disappointments are washed away. Can you imagine that...?

I've been seeing a ton of posts about friends and family members who have recently accepted Christ, and no matter how rushed I think I am...I say a prayer for them. That God would protect them, strengthen their heart, and they will never return to their old 'wine skins' again. 

I, like many of you are praying for people to stop running, and to surrender. And my heart is encouraged every single time I hear of the 'one' coming back home.