Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Break 2014...

I commit to write more!  I have so much to say, and Jesus and I have such sweet moments, but sadly, the majority of them are tucked away in my journal…

This SB is super low key.  I'll be traveling to Killeen/Cove tomorrow for a One Team One Mission which is a presentation my amazing company puts on.  I am so excited about that.  Network marketing has changed my life.  If you have not truly done any research on legitimate network marketing companies, and if you desire to create wealth for generations to come…..may I suggest a couple of books for you to check out.  These are in no particular order, but amazing books of the field.

But enough about that….I wanted to talk to you about something my church is doing.  We are opening a new campus in Katy, and are just in a major phase of REBUILD…which is actually our 'theme' of this year if you will.

This made me so happy because around the end of October, beginning of November 2013, God kept giving me the word RESTORATION…(read: Psalm 90:15, Isaiah 61), so I was excited to learn more about the story of Nehemiah, and his work on the wall, and just the faith that he showed during that time when he was doubted publicly.

At first, I was like well what are you 'restoring' Lord?  Well, it turns out, plenty…a lot….more than I imagined…ha!

There are so many things I'd like to share, but it won't make sense, and some things aren't write aboutable…lol yet, so I'm sorry if I sound cryptic.  But, our entire church family is undergoing a 40 day fast.  It's not a total water fast (hallelujah), but it is pretty hefty by my Chuy's and sweet tea measuring stick.  But y'all, I am so excited about it.  I have very specific spiritual goals.  I am so ready to see what God will do during this time.  How my faith will grow, how prayers I have prayed for months, even years will be answered.  It just makes my heart leap.

We have a prayer call every day at noon.  I missed today's, but I have set my alarm to not miss another. Oh, and one more thing…remember how I told you that I'm studying James in this season??!  WOW---talk about conviction, slicing through my flesh, and pride, and just cutting me deep on how I treat others….it's getting ugly y'all, but I love it.  It has always been my favorite book of the Bible, but I am seeing it in a totally new light.  I am enjoying traveling the pages alone, just me and Jesus…taking my time.  Marinating…not rushing trying to meet a group study deadline…it's been great!

If you are looking for a challenge, and to be called to the carpet over and over again, I highly recommend it. 

Finally, I am going natural with my hair!  I have begun the transitioning process, and my goal is to not do a big chop!  Mostly because my hair is no lie, the longest it has ever been, and I have a decent texture of hair, and there's no need to chop it all off.  I have healthy relaxed hair.  I am transitioning because in case you haven't noticed, I am pretty much all natural anything I can be, and also, I think it will be cute…lol…don't judge me!  

Like most things I do, I am all over studying the best way to transition, the best products, the best hair vitamins, and the best regimen…I am so excited!  We have a great store in Houston called Tendrils and Curls, and I visited her and she was able to point me in the direction on a couple of products.  Other than that, I have just watched a zillion YouTube videos.  

I am also going to record my own journey and post it on YouTube…just because I want to always remember this time.  Lucky for me my company has our own hair vitamins, and they are top notch.  Here's a pic of my hair growth after 6 days of taking the vitamins.

I am going to use flexi rods tonight, and lots of cute headbands!  Stay tuned to see how this plays out!

Well, I have talked about a million things in this post.  I'll be back with more to share….after all, 40 days of fasting and a laundry list of things to cover in prayer are destined to bring a new something….I can't wait!

Later gators!!!  <>< J