Friday, March 21, 2014

These are my confessions...

I'm linking up with A Blonde Ambition today and participating in her Confessional Friday blog link up. goes nothing!

1.  I have a nagging bad habit of counting things....especially in sets of drives me nuts, but I can't help myself!

2.  I've become a little obsessed with YouTube lately.  There is a video for EVERYTHING...wanna know how to apply masacara, YouTube it...I mean everything under the sun.  I think I'm in the very beginning stages of having my own YouTube channel one day.  You'll be able to say you knew me!

3.  I am obsessed with my dog.  I love her.  I'm not a huge fan of other dogs though...just mine!

And that's that folks!

Have a great weekend~
<>< J


Amanda @ Marry Mint said...

I'm doing about counting things. I do the same thing... breaths, steps when running.. I can get on my own nerves with it sometimes lol

Jarvis Noelle said...

Yes! It can be very aggravating!!! I'm glad I'm not alone!