Monday, March 29, 2010

Lions.and.Tigers.and BEARS...OH MY!!!!

Did you hear the news???!!! Yes my friends...the Baylor Women have advanced to the Final shoulder is dislocated (not really), my voice is hoarse, and my team WON!!! I am beside myself with happiness!
My Dad was at the farm cable there, and we shared the last few moments of the game over the was incredible! I am so danggone proud of these girls...mostly freshmen! What an awesome team we will have next year! And that GRINER...geesh...she has to be at least 6'4''!!! Her feet are HUGE!!!! No shot gets past her...what a great game!
I am looking for tickets now to the game in San Antonio on Sunday...I have to be there!
I was going to post pics of my finds from Virginia, but that will have to wait until tomorrow....this post belongs to the BEARS!!!
It's going to take a whole lot of belief to beat UConn! They are an AWESOME team!!! BUT...I BELIEVE in my BEARS!!! What a great day to be a BAYLOR BEAR!!!!