Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Single Girl's Brownies!

Disclaimer: YES! I'm talking about brownies in the post following my post on weight loss. Yes, I ate vanilla ice cream with my brownie bites..., and YES...I am almost certain I'll go back for seconds...TONIGHT!!! (Hey--I've worked out everyday since Sunday...it's all good!)

First things first...HELLO NEW FOLLOWERS!!! I'm glad you're here! So, today was a great day! I slept in, cleaned, did laundry which you know I love, and made an appt for an afternoon massage, and went to the gym...YUCK! Oh baby! That massage was WONDERFUL! Now, I've had my fair share of massages, but my tech today did her thing! I promptly made my appt for the next two weeks. It was just that good!

After my massage, I headed to The Container Store. I'm working on a little project in my bathroom cabinet, and we all know just how helpful that store is. I'll post before and after pics as soon as I finish.

After TCS, I headed to Target for BROWNIES! I had the big idea to buy a mini cupcake pan to bake the brownies in...why you ask? Because the edge pieces are my favorite of course, and I figure, I can have all edge pieces. Well, while picking out my brownie flavor, I ran across what I like to call Single Girl's Brownies. Why?! Because there are two pans included, 2 pouches, and each pouch makes 6 brownies. NO LEFTOVERS!!!! Now, I only baked one of the pouches, but I'm telling you...how cool is this setup?! Look...I even took pics for you to see:

The brownies came out perfect! They were crunchy on the outside, and so soft and gooey on the inside! They were absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend you seeing for yourself, and trying them!

Now, my feet are propped up, and I'm watching 16 and Pregnant...I know...don't judge me! Spring Break is awesome!!! My cup is running over!

Tomorrow, I'm heading to the dirty Cove via Waco to spend some time with my Daddy! Love that man! Goodnight bf's!!!

P.S. Don't forget to enter the giveaway....it ends tomorrow!