Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Loving Well

I have an obsession with painting my nails....and I've become REALLY good at it! Of course I still get my bi-weekly manicures, but weekly, I relish in changing my nail polish. I'm always on the hunt for the perfect color...and now that it's's ON!

Today's color of choice, a throwback...cotton candy! But who knows what's in store for tomorrow. I'm thinking hot pink...or maybe Aphrodite's Pink Nightie...yes, that's a color thanks to OPI!

I started a new quiet time devotional today: Beth Moore's Loving Well. The first day, and I'm already underlining, growing, and really wanting to learn to love God's way. One of the questions from today: 'What marked change or transformation has come about in the way I love?' Geesh....not enough lines. Maybe because I am such a sinner, yet a perfect God loves me inspite of my flaws. Or the fact that 'love bears all things,' and here lately, I have come face-to-face with what that really means. Or how about the fact that God measures maturity by how we love. I could go on and on!

One of the snippets I underlined at the end of today's prayer: 'Teach me to love others well by giving of myself-- even beyond what I am capable.' Talk about from my heart to God's ears.

It can be exhausting to love, and sometimes, that love can be unreturned. But who am I to think that if the God of the universe can be unloved despite His endless love for His children, that I won't experience some of that? I am not always at the top of my game. I'd even venture to say that most days I fail, in a major way. But, the desire is still the same. To love as God loves....and with a goal like that, I'm bound to get better eventually!