Friday, March 19, 2010

This SERIOUSLY Makes Me Cringe...

Double post...scroll down for my recap of my visit to Waco!

In this post I documented my little weight loss journey, and I promised you all pics! Well, I want to be a woman of my word, but oh my! I honestly didn't realize how huge I was until this very moment.

You know they say that when you lose a lot of weight you still kind of have the same thought patterns of your former size. I would have to say that to a certain extent, that's true. It's still hard for me to go my 'now' size...I always want to pick the 'old' size...but after looking at these dare I EVER ate those mini brownies! MAJOR GUILT HERE!

I know that every single one of these pics came from my FB account, but it's just something about putting them on my blog for any and everyone to see. However, if anyone reading this is in my shoes, I want to show my journey so that maybe I can offer you some hope! So, without further goes nothing!



Today's Stats: about 40 lbs., and 4 sizes!


The Ross' said...

You go J!! Amazing!!! You look so great!

Angie Vik said...

Congratulations on your hard work and diligence and being able to lose weight. You look really nice. I love to see people's before and after weight loss pictures. God bless.