Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crash Course!

I have a lot of different thoughts going on, and I'm having a hard time channeling them into coherent pieces of information. Nothing bad, just a lot of decisions to give to God, lots of things to go to Him about....lots, lots, lots!!!

I'm still in a crash course of "His perfect timing"...hoping to drop the "God's way or miserable" class....

At church we've been studying how God will allow us to experience pain so that we have to rely on Him to see us through. Pain often times precedes your blessings, and God will use our pains to get us to focus on His will if we aren't getting the memo otherwise...Bottom line: God's will WILL be accomplished, so the sooner we commit, the better for us!

I hope this encourages someone that if you are going through some pain, that you take a moment to ask God what He will have you to glean from the situation...then take the time to listen for His'll hear Him!