Saturday, May 23, 2009

Today and Finally, Date Night!

I just have to share my excitement over what's happening on the prayer blog. I'm so thrilled about the requests I've been getting, and I can't wait to get the answers/praises to these requests to post.

As I was praying for all of the women on the list this morning, I truly felt honored to go before the Lord on their behalf. God is so faithful, and I know that He cares about every single concern, request, and issue we have. We just have to let go so that He can do His work! And believe me, I know that's a lot easier said than done!!!

OK--so you want to hear about my date night?! It didn't happen last night...long story for another time! So today, I woke up, and I have to admit that I was a little down. I miss my family today, and I had no plans, so I had a moment, but I quickly snapped out of it.

Deep down, I'd still like to have had the perfect day in the life I hope to have one day, but being the reality of the situation, I can only live the life that I am given TODAY, so I got to it.

I started to morning at a women's prayer brunch that was awesome, then in true Houston fashion, it rained HARD for about an hour which delayed my trip to the outdoor outlet with my friend and college buddy Kim...(who is starting a blog by the way...YAY!)

Date night still hasn't started yet....went shopping with Kim, after grabbing a quick bite to eat, then came back and hung out with her and her roommates. By the way...I bought a really cute black shirt from The Gap for $5...regularly $27!!! Steal of the day for sure!

DATE NIGHT: So afterwards, I told myself that instead of going home, I would go see a townhouse that I really want to rent. It's beautiful...according to the pics, but a little out of my price range. So, if you can pray with me that the owner decides to bring it down a couple hundred...that would be nice....I think I'll had that to the PB! I then went for a drive around town, just drove with my thoughts, and had some good "me time conversation," and decided to head to Barnes and Noble! I could stay in that store for hours....literally, but I limited myself.

I've started just going there to "look" for books, and then I come home and order them off of! I buy books way to often to pay full price...believe that! However, today, I did buy a pretty new planner because my current one is about to run out. I used my handy dandy educator's discount, and walked away a happy camper! Check it out!

After B&N, I headed over to Jason's Deli for some take-out, and then to Ben & Jerry's for dessert that is chilling in the freezer as we speak. I hope I don't forget that I have a huge scoop of Strawberry and Cheesecake ice cream waiting for me...yummy! So, while I'm sure I could have done a ton more eventful things for myself today, it was a great date nevertheless....

Oh yeah, and you know how I wanted to buy a new bible? Well, I found one. I have too many bibles for one person, but I wanted a new one to stick in my purse, work bag, etc. I found this really cute black and pink's the perfect size, and I love it is:

I realize this has been a LONG post, and if you're still with're bored...HA! But until next time...~Jarvis